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Asia's First Latin Dance and Fitness Retreat for women In Paradise 
 by Women Empowered
What a blast our 2019 Latin Dance and Fitness retreat was! Dance, fitness, mindfulness, new friendships and connections with others (and the self) that will last a lifetime. These moments and memories will never be forgotten. 

Welcome to Women Empowered retreats...
A Retreat All About Connection And Movement Both With The Self And With Others...
Once upon a time there was a retreat....a retreat where goddesses gather to connect, to move, to grow, to learn, to open and activate the heart, to change perspective and to set new goals for greatness (whatever that means to them).

* Four days on an Island Paradise in the Philippines
* Daily morning meditation
* Daily morning fitness
* Daily Women's Circles 
* 2 hours of dance class a day
* 3 hours of social dancing into the night
Daily Morning Mediation - a time to connect with the self...
'Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built' Sadhguru

Gathering in the Goddess Hut at 7.30am each morning, women came together with Louise to better understand meditation techniques (and tricks), talk about their challenges with mastering the powerful art and practice some different approaches to getting the mind to a place of stillness but also better connecting with the body and the mind. 

As a certified intuitive guide, Louise tuned into the each of the bodies in the circle to identify blocks and guide the breath to release tension. Assisting in the powerful practice of opening the body, soul, mind and (most importantly) hearts. 
Morning Fitness Sessions 
'Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live' J Rohn

While we danced into the night, morning fitness was a big part of the retreat! Starting your morning with fitness starts your day off right. The women were taken through a series of different exercises  around the resort and...on the last day...our bodies were tired so we jumped in the pool for aqua gym exercise was not an option!
Free Time Fun
'Your Calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So Relax' B McGill

With all the activities, WE retreats also always allow for the women to have time to relax! Whether they choose to sit by the pool and relax or engage with each other, get a massage, have a nap or...go and explore the surrounding areas (WE Retreats always make sure you have plenty to do it you want to do plenty), the time is there for them! 
Womens Circles 
'Each time women gather in circles with each other  the world heals a little more'  Wild Woman Sisterhood

The women of Asia's First Latin Dance and Fitness Retreat would gather together at the same time every afternoon to connect, to share and to discuss their goals, their dreams, their challenges and their dreams. 

Holding space for each other to feel supported and confident in their vulnerability, the women shared and supported each other through various topics. They were seen and they saw each other. Connections and conversations were started in this sacred circle that continued into the retreat and will last for a lifetime. 
Dance Class - Salsa and Kizomba
'Dance is the hidden language of the soul and the body' Martha Graham.

Each afternoon saw the ladies learn two style of dance across two hours. Starting with high energy Salsa and then leading into Kizomba. Each woman had her very own dance instructor for the entire time that would work with her through the routine at her pace and monitor her progress. 
Social Dancing into the night...
They say that happiness is finding the perfect dance partner but at Women Empowered Latin Dance and Fitness Retreat for Women...each goddess has a room full of professionally trained dancers to chose from!

Dancing for three hours each night, the women were able to really try out what they had learnt in class immediately on the dance floor with a room full of dance instructors. 
At Women Empowered Retreats...WE dance until the very end!
Who says the transit home should be boring!? 
WE couldn't stop the goddesses moving and so...the dancing continued all the way to the mainland! Who needs to sit down on a boat when you can move your body to the music on one! And...seeing as pool and boat parties are a big part of the Latin Dance scene, WE wanted the retreat goddesses to get a taste of the fun! At WE retreats the fun goes until the very very end!
Hear from some of the amazing attendees about their experience...
At Women Empowered Retreats, WE believe every Woman is a Goddess! 
From the moment the women arrived at Asia's First Latin Dance and Fitness Retreat, WE wanted them to feel like goddesses! WE arranged all transfers with the women arriving right at the shores of the resort where they were greeted with love, flowers and a fresh coconut. Each day, the resort was sprinkled with flower petals, they could have their breakfast and lunch wherever they wanted, wherever they wanted and at night WE would all come together to dine. WE had seven massage therapists on site during free time and the women certainly enjoyed their services (who doesn't love a massage on a tired, but happy dancing body?!)

WE truly believe that every women is a goddess. A Queen WE retreats, WE will make sure every woman feels like one for as long as she is with us! 

Join Us Next time...
The next edition of The Women Empowered Dance and Fitness Retreat is now underway. If you would like to know more...enter your email address below and WE will make sure you are one of the first to know about it!
We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once
~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~
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