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The platform is here to help women all over the world find their inner goddess (yes, she exists and she has been waiting for you) and bring her forward to the world as the free, empowered, vibrant, physically alive woman she was always meant to be!
What is the Women Empowered - Sexuality, Intimacy and Love Platform?
A platform full of hours of one-on-one interviews with female and male experts from all over the world, discussing Women and all things 'Sexuality, Intimacy and Love', in healthy, intriguing and empowering ways. WE have gone to all corners of the world to find the best of the best, and built them into a platform that can reach women all over the world. Most interviews are between 1-2 hours and are packed full of incredible insights that will inform, entertain, shock and transform. 

The platform is for every woman - the single woman, the woman in a new relationship, the married woman, the woman in a sexless marriage/relationship, the woman in a supportive relationship who wants to go further with her partner, the pregnant woman, the woman who has just given birth, the menopausal woman...every woman.
'Bringing this platform to the Women of the world has been one of my greatest joys. Women Empowered (WE) believes that it is time for women to feel empowered in ALL aspects of their lives including their Sexuality, Intimacy and Love. After running many women events aimed at the Physical, Emotional and Financial Empowerment of Women, it was blatantly obvious that women wanted more around sexuality, as the events I hosted on this topic would sell out in a matter of days. This platform allows for WE to bring experts from all over the world to reach women all over the world. One thing I know for sure, is that this platform is going to stimulate healthy conversations/education, inspire action, change limiting beliefs and wake up the goddess in women all over the world. The time has come. Change is here and...WE couldn't be more thrilled.'

Louise - Founder of Women Empowered. 
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WE are waiting for you NOW on the platform, with over 40 hours of content and 20 interviews with the amazing contributors below. But wait...there's more! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING and...over the coming months WE will be building out the platform. By the time the platform is complete, there will be over 100 interviews  (that's over 200 hours of content) BUT...WE couldn't wait to bring this to the world and so...WE are launching the platform NOW at a discounted price for those women who also can't wait to jump in and listen to all things 'Sexuality, Intimacy and Love'. As we build out the platform, the price will increase, so why wait? Jump in now! The subscription is a simple one time only payment for access to all of the completed interviews (and those that are very soon to come).  There is currently over 40 hours of informative, entertaining, eye opening content waiting for you now, so why wait? WE are waiting for you!
Nutrition for your Yoni and your Sex Life
Adrienne from The Yoni Nutritionist (Canada)
‘At one point in my life, the only thing f*cking me was my adrenal fatigue’ 

Meet Adrienne...
Adrienne, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Holistic Wellness and Mindfulness Coach from Canada, who has a passion for women’s sexual health and wellness. As a 37-year-old woman, Adrienne has struggled with her own Yoni & sexual health issues since she was a teenager. For Adrienne, it was the lack of sexual education, increased antibiotic use as a child, long-term birth control pill use, lack of awareness about STI’s, bad diet, high-stress lifestyle and unresolved emotional trauma, which all contributed to her own personal Yoni issues. Adrienne has struggled with her own sexual health for half of her life, and she has healed herself through diet and natural holistic wellness and healing practices. Adrienne has experienced first-hand that it WORKS. With her knowledge, skills and experience as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Adrienne wants to help women who are struggling with their own personal Yoni and sexual health issues, heal their bodies and their Yoni’s from the inside out, just like she healed hers!

Our time with Adrienne...
In this interview, Adrienne shares her intense passion and first hand experience of the power of good nutrition. She opens our eyes to just how much what you put into your mouth affects your sexuality! From candida, to bloating, skin concerns, PMS, adrenal fatigue and so much more…our diet, in many ways, can make or break us. Adrienne shares her own struggles with serious Candida outbreaks and Genital Herpes but also that, at one point in her life…the only thing f*cking her was her ‘adrenal fatigue’. We also talk about the idea that many women are disconnected to their pleasure and how nutrition can help to rekindle this connection. We conclude the interview as Adrienne opens up and shares about her weekly rituals of ‘f*ck it Sundays’ and…why she LOVES more than anything to be completely naked - a reality that can be terrifying for many women!
A doctors perspective on Sexuality, Intimacy and Love
Dr Amy Killen (USA)
'40% of women have sexual dysfunction'

Meet Amy...
Amy Killen MD is an anti-aging and regenerative physician specializing in sexual optimization, aesthetics and integrative medicine. Board certified in emergency medicine with ten years of ER experience, Dr Killen saw the impact of unchecked chronic disease and disability from the front lines before transitioning to anti-aging and regenerative medicine. 

An international speaker, clinical practice owner, medical director of a national regenerative medicine physician training course, author, and frequent media guest, Dr Killen has become an outspoken advocate for empowering patients to look and feel their best by merging lifestyle modification, hormone optimization, personalized medicine and regenerative therapies.  

Our time with Amy...
In this interview, Dr Amy Killen talks about the challenges that women face with sexual dysfunction and how lifestyle can make such a huge difference to a woman's sexual desire and drive. She talks about the crippling effects of stress and the power of our hormones (and the importance to find good hormonal balance). WE also dive into the importance of our mental and emotional health which is too often overlooked!

Amy talks about the endless benefits of a healthy sex life including anti-aging, elevated emotional state, improved self image, improved blood pressure, better sleep and so much more! Amy also shares some very easy tips, tricks and tools to eat, act and feel better for your sexual drive and desire! 

Amy also shares her first hand experience as a medical professional of the effect of pornography in causing sexual dysfunction in men. She believes (and sees) that it is a huge issue but also one that can be healed with the right (cost free) approach. Finally, Amy talks about the couples she has had experience with and shares with us the number one issue that she sees come up again and again (and again) in troubled couples.  

Sexual Expression and Challenges, Self Respect, The Body Connection and Healing in your Feminine.
Amrita from Amrita Sophia (Australia) 
'Often when a woman doesn’t trust a man, she actually doesn’t trust herself fully.’

Meet Amrita...
Amrita is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Hailing from Australia, she travelled the world for 8 years, studying with Masters of many traditions, before settling in Bali, Indonesia.
What lights her fire is deep, expansive conversation, moving her body through yoga and dance, nesting in her jungle house and sharing life and love with her beautiful man. Her chequered past, failed marriage, and years of struggling with intense perfectionism and self-love sparked a world-wide journey of self-discovery and healing, and informed her of her soul mission; to empower women and couples to experience Mind-Blowing Sex, Deeper Love and Lasting Intimacy.

Our time with Amrita...
Amrita shares her intimate story of her journey from a married, non orgasmic woman who had an affair on her husband to a woman who is so in tune and in touch with herself, her partner and her sexual power. In this interview Amrita will inform and inspire you with her knowledge and contagious personality as we dive into the challenges women face with their sexuality and how, while many don’t realise it, our sexuality is a significant part of our identity. Amrita explains why our sexuality is the 'juicy part of life' in so many ways and how a woman can reconnect with this source (including ways that do not involve the actual act of sex).  Amrita dives into the challenges and four main blockages that she sees her clients facing everyday, including the common issue of self-worth and the fear of being fully seen. We also dive into the ideas of Shame and Guilt, how a woman can start to heal any shame/guilt/trauma and…the effects of porn; touching on it being entered around the 'male gaze' and its ability to make people believe that 'sex is a performance'. Amrita also shares her incredible insights on the power of the feminine, unlocking and unleashing her and…bringing her forward to the world as imperfect (and beautiful) as she is. 
Find yourself free of Ego and Comparison to meet your true Goddess Self.
Bhuvana from Bhuvana Method (Brazil)
‘You don’t need to fight for freedom if you feel free’

Meet Bhuvana...
Bhuvana is a Love Mastery Coach, leading Tantra teacher and Art of Relating coach in Brazil. She is also the founder of Bhuvana Method, a human development program, and is a Professional Life and Certified Spiritual Coach, Ayurvedic expert, Professional Dancer, and Body work and meditation teacher. Currently living in Bali, Bhuvana coaches women all over the world to rid themselves of the ego and find their truth and..as a result...set themselves free in all areas of their life. 

Our time with Bhuvana...
An expert in the goddess archetypes, with a true desire to help women find their inner goddess, overcome the EGO and step into their radiant selves free of comparison, and proud of their journey to here. Bhuvana talks about the importance of knowing yourself and embracing your shadow side. She discusses the idea that no woman should ever give her power away and…if she is giving it away, how she can stop doing it. We talk about self love and why this is such a challenge for so many women, the power of compassion, women challenges with their sexuality and the importance of letting go. 

Sexual Pleasure and Power for Life Transformation
Christina from Confident Lovers (Armenia) 
'What would happen if women gave more time to their sexual pleasure than their obligations? Could we (and those around us) all be better off?'

Meet Christina...
Christina created Confident Lovers for people who no longer benefit from living in a world of shame, taboo, and guilt. For more than 14 years, Christina has been exploring sexual health, sexual pleasure and the art of lovemaking. Over the years she has helped men, women, couples and parents understand and appreciate the fascinating and mysterious nature of human sexuality through her writing, videos and video course. She has given numerous talks and workshops around the world. Christina is openly a student of experiences and curiosity is her driving force.

Our time with Christina...

Sexual Pleasure and Power for Life Transformation - Interview One
In this eye-opening interview, Christina shines a light on how our power comes from pleasure and debunks sexual myths that strongly influence our behaviour in subconscious ways. Christina talks about how culture has a big part to play in this, and why awareness is so important. Christina brings this to life with some examples of misleading cultural beliefs including sex is only a genital affair, sex is only for procreation not for pleasure, and the dangers of being dependent on a partner who is responsible for our sexual fulfilment. Christina talks to us about how we can get over these limiting beliefs and the benefits of doing this work, including a feeling of aliveness, increased confidence, increased creativity and so much more. Christina talks to every woman (single, coupled, married, divorced, relationship dead) about how they can feel more pleasure and own their body and also how a woman can connect with her partner (no matter if he has been in her life for 5 minutes or 50 years). Christina brings her ideas and theories to life with entertaining stories and practical techniques. Get ready to be entertained and informed and to walk away with some easy and practical tools/techniques you can apply straight away whether you are single or ‘attached’. 

Massage and Erotic Touch - Interview Two
Christina talks about the power of Erotic Touch and Massage for the self and your partner. She shines a light on why women struggle with Erotic Touch and what women can do to open up to receiving. We discuss the importance of a woman knowing her body and what Erotic Touch actually is. Christina talks about the importance of self work and self pleasure and how every woman can also include her partner in the process (if he exists and if it feels right). Christina also talks about the fascinating technique of Karezza for emotional and physical transformation. 
The Power of Cacao and Connection with the Self and your Partner
Hakima from Tantra Cacao (France)
‘If you are not connected with yourself, you cannot connect with another’.

Meet Hakima...
Hakima is a Tantra Teacher and Cacao expert who has embodied the essence of Tantra for the last 10 years. Her journey began a decade ago when living in Japan. Here she realized she was disconnecting from her emotions, living in pilot-mode without meaningful relationships or purpose. And so...she quit her well-paid job in investment banking and decided to embark on a research journey to discover more about life and what makes relationships work and last. From Asia to South America, she travelled the world to dedicate herself to the extensive study of Tantric cosmo-vision. After several months in Ecuador learning Tantra and Shamanism at "Durga's Tiger School of Tantra, Arts and Shamanism", she had her 'aha' moment when she finally understood the ancient Tantric secret to making relationships work. Since then, Hakima has made it her life mission to teach women to navigate the realm of relationships, so they become their greatest teacher; not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-reponsibility, self-love and opening to pleasure. Hakima is also a certified Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, working with clients all over the world who are exposed to narcissists. Based on and inspired by her own paralysing experiences, Hakima is trained in, and passionate about, helping those affected by narcissistic relationships. 

Our time with Hakima...

Connection with the Self and your Partner - Interview One
In this interview, Hakima raises some incredibly interesting and yet simple concepts about the power of connection with the self and your partner. Hakima talks about the need to connect with the self on all levels and provides practical examples of how the listener can do that - including strategies for even the most time starved among them. Hakima also dives into the power of silence and why it is so important to not run from your emotions, but rather…observe them. Hakima takes the idea of connection further to talk about the importance of connecting with our partners and making the time for ceremony/ritual. She provides practical techniques to bring this theory to life and she also raises the importance of the need to disconnect with our partners and shares the eye opening concept of…'if we don’t disconnect, the universe will do it for us!'. Bringing her theory and expertise to life with personal stories and those of her clients/teachers, Hakima has a wealth of simple but often never considered ideas and concepts to the listener that can be applied today for transformational change. An interview not to be missed!

The Power of Cacao - Interview Two
This interview shines a light on the incredible power of the Cacao Plant as Hakima talks us through how Cacao has transformed her life daily, and how she has seen it bring others to life - physically, emotionally and mentally. We talk about why Cacao is so powerful in self-love and connection and how you can incorporate it into your life (and relationship), utilising it to significantly improve your health. This in-depth interview talks about how you can find the best cacao, prepare the cacao itself and the power of ceremony that can complement it as, the Cacao works on opening your heart centre within 40 minutes of consuming it.

The Awakened Women
Jane from The School of Shamanic Womancraft (Australia)
'Menopause can be the mother of all wake up calls for a woman.’

Meet Jane...
Jane is a grandmother, midwife, teacher, published author and menstrual educator. Jane practised as a homebirth midwife for 30 years and, this work from her late 20’s to early 50’s informed her worldview and brought focus to her knowing of what is possible when women feel safe. She is dedicated to Reclaiming Feminine Power, through Reconnection with the Women’s Mysteries…

Through her own life experiences, her learning and research of ancient and modern shamanic practices, evolutionary biology, psychology, spirituality, the ecology of the Sacred Feminine, and as a student of the Earth, she has found a common thread that weaves and connects our lives from one moment to the next and to each other, everyone and everything. Jane is dedicated to awakening each individual woman as she comes to know who she really is when she separates her self from the misogynist, power over paradigm of the patriarchal culture. A profound and epic healing happens when women reclaim their body and their functions, and remember that they do not visit Nature, they are Nature. 

Our time with Jane...
During this eye opening, enlightening, honest and confronting interview, Jane spoils the listener with her years of wisdom and knowledge as a women whose mission is to wake women up to their wonders! A doula and menstrual cycle expert, Jane talks us through the power of the menstrual cycle and the miracle of child birth and the female body. Jane talks at length about the dangers of contraception and the importance of making informed decisions. We also talk at length about the ‘Rights of Passage’ (such as puberty, losing your virginity, child birth, menopause) for a woman and how incredibly important each one is (and how a woman can honour it for herself and her children). Jane opens our eyes to the idea of using ‘orgasm’ as preparation for child birth and the topic of ‘sex after birth’, as well as the many myths around sexuality and pregnancy. Jane talks at length about the Menopausal Woman (if this is you…you don’t want to miss this interview), her libido, her transition/change at this time and why menopause can be ‘the mother of all wake up calls’, a time for healing of sexual wounds and one where a woman may well not recognise herself at all (which can at times bring about positive change). Jane also talks about puberty, losing your virginity and…the ins and outs of the dangerous porn industry that takes so much from society. 

Loving yourself and your Yoni with a Yoni Steam
Karuna from Womb to Water (Australia)
‘One client likened her Yoni steam to the ‘hot breath of a lover’

Meet Karuna...
Karuna is a Mother, Anthropologist, Sacred Circle Keeper and Yoni Steam Practitioner. She lives in harmony with Nature's cycles in the Blue Mountains National Park, just outside of Sydney, Australia. Karuna regularly honours herself and other women, with Yoni Steaming. Sometimes known as vaginal steaming, this is the practice of sitting over a pot of steaming water which has been infused with selected herbs and flowers. Karuna feels blessed to have rediscovered this nourishing practice that belongs to all women from ancient times. She hopes that her interview will inspire you to give it a go and further tap into your womb wisdom within.

Our time with Karuna...
In this open and honest interview, Karuna shares her wisdom (and first-hand experience) on the power and intricacies of the ancient practice of the Yoni Steam. We talk about what it is, why is it so powerful and…how every woman can have her first steam. Karuna talks us through the benefits of the steam including removing the energies of a past lover, reducing the pain that PMS can bring, supporting women going through menopause, cleansing and cleaning the Yoni and womb pre and post-pregnancy, and simply for enjoyment. We also discuss the contraindications of Yoni Steaming and end the interview as Karuna opens up so honestly and candidly about her experience as a mother, and the challenging effects of her beautiful two year old daughter on her libido. 

Taking Responsibility and Insight into the Masculine and...Yoni Massage and Dance
Kelley from Goddess Modern (USA)
‘Its time for more women to allow for themselves to be loved by men and to really learn to take up more space in their own lives’

Meet Kelley...
Kelley is a wellness consultant, bodywork/healer, dance/creative performer and a sensual intimate. Beginning in 2015, Kelley's wellness work path led her into the work of sensuality, relationships, and intimacy – uniquely combining an empowered experience of spirituality, healing, awakening and pleasure. She has gained a lot of useful insights from this work, and moving forward, she is excited to make it accessible to people who are interested, to be used as a support for them in their journey of relationship to self and others.

Kelley believes that one piece of the puzzle in our collective process of healing the Masculine and Feminine (both regarding gender and energetics) is to address the ways we relate to ourselves and others; specifically in the context of our romantic relationships, as it is a very condensed area of life in which our deep personal patterns are revealed, and therefore, provides very rich insights and opportunities for growth and healing.

Our time with Kelley...

Taking Responsibility and Insight into the Masculine - Interview One
In this empowering interview, Kelley encourages women to fully realise that it is a great time for women to be alive! We have more freedom, independence, stability and control than we have had in the last 500 years. She talks about the importance of ‘Taking Responsibility’ for yourself and your sexuality, and shares with us why a self care practice is so crucial for every woman (yes, every woman). Kelley dives into the world of the ‘inner goddess' and how you can create an experience to bring out the goddess in you as she guides us through how to find her and…how to play with and nurture her (as well as what she will give back to you in return). WE dives into the idea of ‘receiving love’ with Kelley, and why this is a challenge for many women while also discussing the need for more women in the world to let themselves be loved by men. Kelley also talks to the idea of a woman being a ‘victim’ and dives into strategies of how a woman can walk away from victimhood - which includes the importance of setting boundaries. After her time working with men as a sensual intimate, Kelley comes forward to share what the men have said about women; much of which WE believes will surprise the listeners (in a good way, ladies). She shares exclusive insights with us regarding what men need and their true (and beautiful) desires for women, and why when 'he is in service to her, he feels connected to his manhood'. Further to these eye-opening insights, Kelley reiterates the need for a woman to be open to receiving, and how if she doesn't, while it may seem like a selfless act to her, it may actually make her partner shut down. 

Yoni Massage and Dance - Interview Two
In this interview, Kelley brings forward her rare knowledge and insight after her years as a sensual intimate for men, women and couples.  We dive into the power of the Yoni Massage for women - its benefits, the various layers of discovery including the Healing, Sensualising Energy and Sexual Layer. Kelley also shares her experience with men and women, and how women tend to be more open to going deeper into sensual massage and why. In the interview, we also dive into the power of Dance. Kelley, as a teacher of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, is regularly a first hand witness to the immense benefits of dance including it being a vehicle of self expression and sensuality, a way to better understand and move the body and a sensual/sexual experience (that can be had when no one else is around). Kelley raises the beautiful idea of ‘by tapping into our sensuality, we tap into our power’ and WE open up Pandora's Box of ‘SEX-ercise’. An interview with insights that are truly hard to find elsewhere. An interview not to be missed. 

Know your pleasure. Honour Your Goddess (and your cycle).
Kristin from Yonilicious (Australia)
'Our Sexual 'Edge' is where we thrive'

Meet Kristin...
Kristin is the founder of Yonilicious and an expert on all aspects of wombanhood and female (and sometimes male) sexuality including anatomy, arousal response, feminine sex, reproductive and overall pelvic health and menstrual cycles. Kristin’s passion is helping sisters to know, understand and even love the appearance of their anatomy as well as their experience of their menstrual cycle. Kristin also helps sisters to deepen their connection to their own individual experience of pleasure. 

Our time with Kristin...
In this interview with Kristen, we dive into the Goddess Archetypes and how every woman can embrace them. Kristen is also an expert in the power (if you choose to listen to it) of the menstrual cycle and she walks us through the changes in a womans sexuality throughout the month. Kristen discusses the sexual changes in a woman as she goes through life and the importance of self pleasure and knowing your own body (before you can expect another to know and understand it). Kristen has an incredible ability to make the listener appreciate their voice and the right they have to use it inside and outside of the bedroom as she guides us through the power of how and when to communicate your needs. Kristen talks at length about the healing power of the ‘orgasm’ and the importance to express and celebrate your sexuality. We also address the ideas of role play, foreplay, fantasy and setting boundaries and how woman can stop their mind from getting in the way of their pleasure.
Connection, Culture, Conditioning, Sexuality & YOU
Linda from Linda Moana Coaching (Hong Kong)
‘When I started to belong to myself, I felt like I belonged everywhere.’

Meet Linda...
As a Holistic Love and Sexuality Coach, Linda is passionate about integrating authentic sexuality with self-love and wholeness. Linda believes that sexuality is our birthright and our core essence, yet its taboo in our society creates guilt, shame, fear, wounding and trauma. Before becoming a coach, Linda was a successful wealth manager at a major international bank for over 25 years. After many years of juggling career, marriage and family, she realised she was shut down in her body, numb and disconnected. 

Linda loves to help people connect to their body more, accessing the wisdom it holds and natural healing mechanism. Linda believes that integrating healthy sexuality brings better health, more connected relationships, and a richer, juicier life which opens infinite possibilities.  Sexuality is not just about sex. The Taoists and Tantrics teach that sexual energy is the principal life force, the foundation of all energy, genius and aliveness in a human being. Through her own inner journey and nurturing her sexuality using the practices and tools she teaches, Linda has become a better lover with herself and with her partner. 

Linda Moana is certified as a VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and VITA™ Jade Egg Coach by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Our time with Linda...

Connection, Culture, Conditioning, Sexuality & YOU - Interview One
In this interview, Linda openly shares her journey from successful Corporate Executive to becoming a Sex and Relationship Coach, and the catalyst for this change, being the sexless, disconnected marriage she had found herself in. Linda shares her expertise on the power of dropping into and connecting with the body - the part of us that never lies. Linda also shares her insights on how we often reject parts of ourselves and what this can do to us on so many levels. She talks of the repercussions of not finding your truth and your sexual self, and the freedom and aliveness that waits on the other side. Linda shares her personal experience and what she sees again and again with her clients around cultural conditioning and beliefs, but also the effects of shame and guilt. We conclude the interview as Linda shares her incredible knowledge, as a certified Jade Egg practitioner, on the power of the Jade egg to heal trauma, connect us with our bodies, cleanse us of energy that no longer serves us and…the importance of the ‘wild woman’.
Marriage Gone Dead - Interview Two:

‘I was too out of touch with my body in my marriage.’

An eye opening and raw interview not to be missed! Linda openly talks about her own personal experience as she brings to life the realties that many women face in their marriages. She opens up about how she realised (after her marriage had broken) that she was too much in her masculine and focused on ‘doing’, controlling and executing. She shines a light on the realities of how our childhood can so greatly affect how it is that we engage and who we attract as adults while also discussing how we so often expect our partners to heal our wounds and meet our needs. Linda talks about the need for a woman to learn to receive, to be in her feminine energy, to connect with her body and to keep the lines of communication open. She talks about the power of being open to exploring new sexual possibilities with your partner, to being raw and rich with your sexuality through techniques such as ‘sandboxing’ and the need for women to enjoy sex. Diving into the idea that sometimes a man can ‘love her wife so much he cant f*ck her’ and the dangers of treating sex as a transaction, Linda openly addresses the uncomfortable realities that many couples face (and what to do about them). She also raises the need for couples to practice separation to keep the love alive and discusses the power of sisterhood to activate the important (and transformational) feminine energy. 
The Temple Body, Feminine Pleasure and Awakening the Goddess Within.
Ishvari from Ishvari Tantra (France)
“Imagine a woman who Embodies Spirituality. A woman who Honors her body as the Sacred Temple of the Spirit of Life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself. You are that woman”

Meet Ishvari...
Ishvari is a certified Yoga and Tantra Instructor. Growing up in a small town in the North of France, Ishvari never could have imagined her life would be the adventure that it has becomeAfter being in a deep and transformative journey over the past few years, diving between yoga practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Taoist and Tantric teachings, self-work, meditation retreats, and feminine work, Ishvari now wants to offer others the opportunity to discover their full potential and create a real change in their lives, as she has. Ishvari wants to create a path for possibilities, for empowerment, for sexual liberation, for feeling freedom in life and living each day to the fullest. For Ishavari, Tantra is a way of life and a spiritual path. When first introduced to Tantra, Ishvari thought Tantra was only connected to sex! Spoiler: it’s not. Tantra is much more than sex. It’s a spiritual path in itself. A path that Ishvari wants to share with women all over the world. 

Our time with Ishvari...
In this interview, Ishvari shares her experience of working with women all over the world around the wisdom of the Womb (Center of Creation, Nourishment & Mystery), the Heart (Center of Expansion, Love & Devotion), and the Mind (Center of Perception, Sensitivity & Intuition). She talks about the importance of dropping into, connecting and communicating with the body. She raises the eye-opening concept that so often we try to silence/disconnect from the body; we try to control it and drown it in criticism and judgement instead of listening to its wisdom and message. Our body filters and retains everything. Ishvari shares her experience with women who have been criticised or experienced body shaming from a partner and what that can do to them. She talks to the three different centres in our body temple, where trauma, tensions and pain can be accumulated and how these centres can limit us, as women, to be able to express our full potential. Ishvari talks about why women find it hard to respect themselves and their bodies, and shares her knowledge of the ancient art of Yoni rituals and dance to celebrate the feminine - both of which she studied in India. Ishvari talks about shame and guilt, and what this can consciously or unconsciously do to a woman, and her ability to express her deepest feminine power. She shares some practices that will help women to open up even more their orgasmic capacity, and takes us into the world of Yoni Massage, Yoni Eggs and Wands while also discussing the benefits of an ‘activated/alive female body’ including more awareness, better orgasms, nipple orgasms and cervix orgasms, and…how transformational it can be when a woman trusts her body and her intuition (a feminine gift that is too often forgotten or overlooked). 

Self-love & Unlocking Your Feminine Power in Life, at Work & in Relationships.
Karolina from Karolina Blaszkiewicz (Poland)
‘When men are in their masculine and women in their feminine, they thrive.’

Meet Karolina...
Karolina is a Theta healing practitioner and 'Let Love In' coach who uses a combination of energy-healing modalities to help women connect with themselves, so they can manifest love in their lives or deepen the bond with their current partners. Karolina is so passionate about the importance of women to live in their feminine energy, and really helps women all over the world to understand how their past can shape who they are today, but it certainly does not need to define them. Karolina runs Women Circle and workshops all over the world to help women to heal, connect with their feminine, attract and open for true love.

Our time with Karolina...
This interview will open the eyes of women all over the world and…make them proud and excited to be a woman! Karolina starts the interview by stepping into her vulnerability and openly talking about her traumatic upbringing as a victim of emotional and physical abuse. She shares how she used her pain to make her stronger, and how those who hurt her, she now considers a gift in her life. This is a story of a life that could have been buried in sadness and loss, but is instead one that was turned around to one of triumph and achievement. Karolina talks about the importance of connecting with the body and letting go of the stories we create in our heads. She talks about the importance of self-care and sitting with - not resisting - emotions. Karolina also talks at length about the importance of embracing your femininity for success in many areas of your life, and what it is/looks like/feels like to be an ‘Empowered Woman’. We then shift our attention in the interview, to relationships, as we talk about the role of a woman as a supportive partner (but not a mother or a carer) and how this can completely change the dynamic of their relationship as they walk the path of a ‘Queen’. We also dive into the importance of allowing for your partner to be a man/in his masculine, and Karolina brings the effects of not doing this to life with examples and powerful stories, as she talks about the idea that the feminine is about ‘being’ and the masculine about ‘doing’. Finally, we all talk with Karolina about the power of the feminine woman in the workplace and what can happen to a woman (exhaustion/burn out) if she activates her masculine too often and too strongly, while denying her feminine being. The concepts and ideas that Karolina brings forward are enlightening, entertaining and transformational. Don't miss this eye-opening conversation! WE will never be the same (in a good way) as a result of this interview. 

Erotic Blueprints and...Yoni Eggs
Nathalie from Nathalie Sommer Coaching (Sweden)
‘The Erotic Blueprints can really help troubled relationships’

Meet Nathalie...
Nathalie is a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach who teaches and counsels internationally to help women and couples experience complete confidence, sensual pleasure and deep intimacy in their relationships. Nathalie believes that our sex life and relationships play a significant role in our happiness and well being… and guess what? It IS ok to talk about it! Nathalie works privately with clients in feminine embodiment, erotic empowerment, sexual awakenings and living authentically. When Nathalie was growing up, sex wasn’t taboo in her family. Her mother made it very comfortable for her to ask questions about sex and relationships. Thankfully she taught her not to be ashamed and to explore her sensuality in a safe environment. This has led her to her own sensual exploration and embodiment with herself and with partners, and she has adopted an open mind, without feeling any shame or guilt. Nathalie is dedicated to the path of sensual embodiment and believes that through accepting all of yourself you can let go of shame and embrace your full pleasure!

Our time with Nathalie...

The World of the Erotic Blueprint - Interview One
Nathalie is one of only one hundred certified Erotic Blueprints professionals globally and in this interview, Nathalie opens our eyes to this fascinating world. She talks about what they are, how you find out what yours is and once you know which of the 5 blueprints best describes you, how you can bring it to life/nurture it. Nathalie talks about the power of exploring your Erotic Blueprint with your partner and how it can have profound effects on your connection and deeper understanding of each other. Nathalie also shares her experience with her clients, of how getting in touch with the Blueprints have saved marriages and broken relationships that were riddled with infidelity, stemming from a simple lack of understanding of their partner. Nathalie talks about seemingly ‘incompatible’ blueprints and how, if this happens with you and your partner, you can accommodate each other and make sure that both parties feel ‘nourished’. Nathalie also shines light on the power of the blueprints for women who are coming out of long term relationships, and how they have been seen to bring women ‘back to life’. Finally, Nathalie opens up about her personal experience with the blueprints, and that of her husband, and how they keep the fire alive in their relationship in general. An interview not to be missed. 

Yoni Eggs - Interview Two
In this interview, Nathalie introduces us to the wonderful world of the Yoni Egg. Nathalie talks about what it is, how it comes in many wonderful varieties (and why), the benefits of the egg - including increasing pleasure, releasing shame/guilt/wounds, helping with PMS and bladder issues, increasing libido and more! We talk about when to use it, how to use it and for how long to use it. Nathalie opens our eyes to how you can make this practice one that includes you partner and she openly shares her experience of how her Yoni Egg made her feel more alive and connected to her body. 
'Sexuality and Femininity' 
Skanda from Tantra Moon (Poland)
‘Women Who Have Sexual Energy have Power’. 

Meet Skanda...
Skanda has always had a curious mind and a deep desire to understand the mysteries of life. For years, he has absorbed knowledge of spirituality, occultism and esoteric practices, which he now teaches to others all over the world. After living the 'corporate world' life for many years, Skanda decided that that life no longer served him. He quit his job and moved to south-east Asia where, for seven years, he studied and lectured at Agama Yoga School, located on Koh Phangan island in Thailand. The school focused on teaching tantric spirituality and traditional yoga in its esoteric aspect. Skanda completed the entire curriculum  including the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course and Tantra Teacher Course. Thanks to the years of living in a tantric yogi' s community, and practicing and teaching at the school, Skanda had the opportunity to experience how ancient wisdom can be practically implemented into our modern reality. Besides Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Skanda also studied and practic various bodywork techniques, meditation and astrology. Skanda now teaches all around the world at retreats, seminars and workshops, in the field of yoga, tantric sexuality and metaphysics. He also organizes conscious music and dance events and offers private consultations and massage sessions.

Our Time with Skanda...
In this powerful interview, Skanda shines a light on the power of shame and guilt to repress a woman's sexual power, and the importance of questioning/examining these limiting beliefs. Skanda introduces the idea of Mainstream (answering the most primitive of needs) vs Mature Sexuality (an exploratory world beyond shame and labels). We discuss the pornography industry and its place in society, and also its end goal, being to create ‘addiction’. A certified Yoni massage therapist, Skanda also dives into the power of this practice and the overall importance of knowing, dropping into and feeling your body. 

After Dessert 
Tina from Ma International (France)
'Never discount the texture and scent of food...you are doing yourself a disservice to not celebrate these attributes.'

Meet Tina...
Tina is a multi-talented creator, first known for designing unique, high-end fashion jewellery and later retraining to become a raw food chef. Inspired by her South of France-Morrocan roots and family background in healthy and tasty food since 4 generations, it was a natural transition for her. Tina has a passion for being creative and sensual with her foods and believes that food is more than just 'taste'. It is about texture, scent and so much more. Tina, now resides in Hong Kong where she is one of the country's most sought after raw-food chefs!

Our time with Tina...
This interview will change the way you look at your plate, as Tina helps us to see how food can add-to a woman's experience of her Sexuality, Intimacy and Love. Hear from Hong Kong most sought after raw food chefs as she talks about the power of food and the importance of more than just its taste. Tina (in her beautiful French accent) will awaken women all over the world to the power of food in its taste, and also its colour and texture. She will share which foods raise libido, the importance of the ‘frequency’ of food, the preparation of the food, the intimacy of sharing and…provide some recipes/ideas/tools and tricks that even the woman who doesn’t like to spend any time in the kitchen can adopt! Don't miss this sensory experience that will make you appreciate food in more ways than you could have imagined. 
Communication & Confidence
Valentina from Happy Ever After (Romania)
'So often I find that while women don't have the relationship they want...they are also not really clear on what it IS that they actually want. Be very clear and voice what it is that you want (both inside and outside of the bedroom)'.

Meet Valentina...
Valentina is a Certified Dating Coach and Sex & Relationship Expert. She established 'Happy Ever After' to assist people who want to improve their personal and romantic relationships, enhance their dating and communication skills, and create meaningful intimate connections. Valentina loves helping singles and couples take control of their lives, define their relationship goals and visions and understand themselves and each other better. Valentina is very passionate about helping couples to improve communication, deepen connection and rediscover emotional and physical intimacy. She writes a regular sex column in Marie Claire and was featured in Cosmopolitan and Asian Entrepreneur. Valentina holds regular talks and workshops on topics like Mastering Emotions, Learning Conflict Management and Positive Communication, Dealing with Anger as well as Sexuality and Desire, the Science of Attraction and much more. 

Our time with Valentina...
In this interview, we shine a light on the importance of open and honest communication inside and outside the bedroom, as well as…the effect of porn on the individual/your relationship and how to bring it into your relationship in a healthy way (instead of allowing for it to be the white elephant in the room). During our time together, Valentina addresses every listener from those who are single or those starting a new relationship to those that have been committed for years. She discusses the importance of communicating sexual desires and needs (and understanding that they change over time - and…that that’s ok!). Valentina dives into the importance of finding your voice in the bedroom and making sure your needs are not overlooked by a dangerous desire to ‘be liked’ (especially in new relationships). Valentina talks about how to keep the fire in a more mature relationship alive and provides practical tips for a woman who perhaps feels like her relationship is somewhat dying (or dead). We also dive into Sex and Performance Anxiety based on expectations, and shine a light on the dangers of making orgasm the goal, how to communicate with your partner if he/she isn’t satisfying your needs as well as some of the most common issues women have under the sheets and, what they can do about them (we are all about solutions, ladies!). We conclude the interview with some ‘sex toy talk’ and fun time with Valentina as she talks openly about choosing to live her life in open relationships and how she has found it to be a very fulfilling path for her.
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