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Take Control of your life!
Louise, Founder | Exceptional Existence
Louise Corbett
Founder of Exceptional Existence
Welcome to your new and even better life (if you allow it to happen). 
I've been waiting for you! 
Reality is, your life is yours to live, own and create. I do it everyday. I've been there - totally out of control and one thing I know for sure is if you feel like your life is not totally in your hands at any moment then...you are giving your power away! 

Does any of the below relate to you?

Do you...

-> Feel out of control in your life? 
-> Constantly blame your environment for what you are not doing?
-> Feel like you are here to do more and be more than you currently are?
-> Feel unfulfilled, empty and/or numb?

Would you like to...

-> Feel happy and energised everyday?
-> Feel like you are living your complete self everyday?
-> Feel happy, grateful and endlessly excited for life?
-> Feel full of energy and looking forward to waking up everyday?
-> Love and care for yourself (like a best friend) and not always feel like you come last?
-> Stop comparing yourself to others and caring about what others think of you?
-> Stop living up to what others expect of you/think is best for you?
-> Get out of your own way and live the life you have always wanted?

Take responsibility for your situation - wherever you are now (this is actually very empowering) and commit to moving forward towards the life you have always wanted TODAY! This is in your life, it always was. 
Exceptional Existence is all about Physical, Emotional and Mental health! When you get those right, you can have anything! Sounds easy? It's not BUT...it is SO manageable and once you find the discipline, your life with change forever!
'We are constantly invited to be who we are'
- Thoreau - 
About Louise - Your Facilitator...
Louise has a background of 15 years in the corporate world across Australia, The Middle East and Asia. She is a specialist in Marketing and Communications and over the last 6 years has reinvented herself through further education, an endless thirst for knowledge and a desire to live this life to the fullest. A self-help junkie since the age of 18, Louise has obtained certifications in a variety of areas that supports the coaching work that she does today. This includes...

Certified Intuitive Guide: This certification was a game changer for Louise. Having maintained a daily (yes daily) meditation practice for the past 7 years, Louise found that it was miraculous for her own development and wanted to use the techniques she had developed to help others. Through this technique, Louise is able to bring more to her coaching program than most can as she can tune into the intuition/higher voice of her clients and guide them based on the insight from their internal guidance system (it may sound 'woo woo' but when her clients experience it, their views always immediately change).

Certified Reiki Healer (Level 1 & 2): Louise has always been interested in healing energy and the power of the body to teach - the body never lies. 

Meditation Teacher: Meditation has been one of the most life changing exercises in Louise's life. She is always so amazed at how even though it costs nothing and requires nothing, so many people still don't do it. While Louise doesn't always look forward to her daily meditation, it is never compromised because it has changed her life in so many ways. 

Raw Food Chef: Nutrition is more important than many people realise and Louise will always ask about her clients nutrition. Too often we let food chose us but when we take control back of our food choices...our life can change. 

Certified Aromatherapist: Nature can be a healer in so many ways. Louise uses plants to support her emotional, mental and physical wellbeing on a daily basis. She also helps her clients to break through limiting beliefs at the subconscious level through a life changing technique that incorporates scent and her intuitive work. This is call the Aroma Freedom Technique. 

Louise also runs programs that help people (in the corporate and non-corporate world) to find their voice and take it forward to the world through the Find Your Voice Program. 
Universal Intelligence Certification 
Louise is a certified Universal Intelligence Mentor and DNA Intuitive Coach. This coaching program focuses on the power of the individual client. It is not a blanket approach executed on standard theory. Louise’s mantra at Exceptional Existence is that ‘you are here to do something no one else can’ and this training that is recognised by the Australian Institute of Coaching (AIC) is all about just that!
A closer look at the program...
This program will be tailored to each individual. In the first session, Louise will get to know who you are and what you want to achieve. She will ask guided questions that will get to the root of anything that is standing in your way. From there, Louise will work with you to put the steps in place to live your best life. You will feel change and progress from the first session with Louise.
Step One: 
Get to know YOU
Who are you and why are you here?
"You are here to do something no one else can"  Louise

Louise has a genuine interest in people. She whole-heartedly believes that each person is an individual and is here to do something that no one else can. Louise believes that the two main issues with individuality is that people a) don't take the time to get to know themselves and b) don't have the confidence and self-belief to take themselves forward to the world. 

Louise will help you break through such issues while also helping those who may feel like they don't really know what they want/who they are to find that too (through various proven techniques). 
Step Two: 
Set achievable goals 
Setting goals to give your life direction and meaning...
"A goal is a dream with a deadline" Napoleon Hill

Now who you are and what you want is clearly defined, Louise will help you to set goals to move forward. These goals will be within your comfort zone but still incorporate some element of challenge (because that is where you will truly grow). 

Louise will work with you throughout to motivate you to achieve your goals but also to highlight blocks (as an intuitive guide) and 'excuses' you may be falling back on. 

Step Three: 
Let's get to work!
Now we have a solid foundation, it's time for change. 
'When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.' Paulo Coelho

Now it's time to realise everything that you are and all you want to be. Yes...its time and Louise will be right there with you pushing you, encouraging you, congratulating you and constantly highlighting if you are starting to get in your own way. 

Louise will be your biggest fan and your number one cheerleader as you become an even better version of yourself. If she sees you holding yourself back (so often her clients can't see this themselves) she will certainly let you know but she will also be sure to help you to celebrate wins (which usually happen daily and often something that again her clients don't see). 
Step Four: 
Check in. Adjust. Proceed.
Evaluation should be part of everything we do!
“The happiest people I know are usually evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.”  Word P

At this point you are starting to feel more in touch with who you are. You have set goals to achieve and you are moving forward towards them. Together you will continue to evaluate and pivot where needed with Louise by your side. If you feel confident to do this alone, then that is also an option. Louise will be here to support and coach you whenever you need an accountability partner. Louise believes that coaching isn't about making you reliant on a coach. It should be about your coach setting the direction with you, helping you set sail, being there to guide you if/when needed with the intention that one day soon you will be able to steer your own ship independently and with confidence because you know the power of what you have learnt on the program and there is no turning back. Welcome to the new you!

Hear what others have to say...

"Louise is an excellent coach. She really got to know who I was, listened deeply, picked up on what I was not saying, and helped me create new ways of looking at things and shifting my mindset to better serve me and my goals. She was energetic and I came away with that energy to take into my own world and help me go forward"
Rebecca W - England
"Thank you for helping me realise my managerial potential!!!!" 
EM - Hong Kong
"The shift of mindset from my time with Louise had immediate effect on my current feelings, which I’m so grateful about. Our session was really inspiring and helped me to analyze my emotions and turn them into positive energy that will guide my progress from now on."
Lisa - China
"I count your sessions as the greatest ‘work perk’ I’ve ever had." 
Emily - Singapore
"Having Louise as a coach gave me back my confidence. She helped shine a light on the potential that was buried within me and that I had lost sight of myself. She reminded me of my strength and the value I bring to my interactions in both a personal and professional capacity. She helped me re-discover my ‘why’. After our sessions, I felt inspired and motivated to stop being my own worst enemy and to take concrete action in pursuing my goals and living my best life."
Sophie B - Australia
'I just love Louise's energy and how she gives me the kick I need to move forward. Louise helped me to see my potential and ability during a moment when I couldn't see if myself and now...I am back on my feet and running again. Thanks Louise!'
Terri C - America
'After each session with Louise I always feel energised and motivated to achieve great things and...to get out of my own way. Louise never sugar coats anything which, while it can feel uncomfortable, I really appreciate it. I never realised how much I was getting in my own way before I started working with Louise.'
Ian R - Australia

What are you waiting for! NOW is the best time to take control of your life and join this coaching program to set a solid foundation for you to love al aspects of your life (and even deal with the challenging parts). 
The price includes 3 x 1-hour private one-on-one sessions with Louise. 
Meet Louise online now...
Engaging with the Exceptional Existence Community and sharing ideas and insights is something Louise loves to do! Hear from Louise and the way she sees the world...
Are you kinking your hose?
You have what you need to be happy now!
The things that cause me the most amount of tension...
Surround yourself with people who think it is possible!
‘If you choose the easy path in life, your life will be hard’ 
Another persons insecurities are not your problem. 
What you choose to think about and believe is totally up to you!
You can always have more because you can always be more
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