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Being able to effectively communicate can transform an individual and a business 
Meet Louise - Founder of Exceptional Existence 
Louise has a background of 15 years in the corporate world across Australia, The Middle East and Asia - specialising in Marketing and Communications. Throughout her career, Louise has worked with many senior executives to identify their brand, find their message and take it to market (no matter how technical the content or the industry). Louise started her public speaking/debating 'career' at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped talking since. She has also run an extensive number of panels across both corporate and non-corporate events and has also organised and run many large-scale events. 

Helping people (both inside and outside the corporate world) find their voice and communicate their message (succinctly) is one of Louise's most treasured things to do! She finds it so incredibly rewarding and loves to see how fast her clients can develop and step into their voice. Anyone can do it and it won't take long! 
'Develop your communication skills. Once you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are!' Les Brown
Find Your Voice Program
The 'Find Your Voice' Program by Exceptional Existence was designed to help people from both the corporate and non-corporate world to find their voice in life - whatever that means for them. This four hour program has been designed by Exceptional Existence founder, Louise Corbett based on her over 15 years experience in Marketing and Communications. The one-on-one program is built to help the individual identify their message, establish their brand and work on their delivery in an authentic (but yet professional) way. The program has proven to be incredibly successful for a wide audience from c-suite executives to business owners as well as individuals who just want to be more heard in life. It is also considered a very popular 'training and staff development' program for organisations. 

This program will help you communicate better with the market, your customers, your teams, your network and in life in general. We have seen it again and again - when individuals find their voice, a new world opens up. 

For more information and to read what others are saying about the 'Find Your Voice' Program, click HERE.
Thought Leadership
At Exceptional Existence, we work with organisations across a variety of industries to develop C-suite and senior leaders into Thought Leaders to further build unique and powerful exposure for an organisation. The process starts with identifying a solid and clear message for the market and establishing the Thought Leaders 'brand'. From there, Exceptional Existence will work with the Thought Leaders on practicing and presenting the message as well as assisting with identifying and executing opportunities to take that message forward to the market through a variety of powerful platforms. 
Panel Facilitation and Execution
Bringing experts together and facilitating open, engaging and informative conversation is one of our favourite things to do at Exceptional Existence. We believe that doing this well is an art form. A successful panel isn't only about the 'showtime'. It is in the preparation of content, preparation of speakers - both individually and as a collective. On the day itself, Exceptional Existence will make sure that your message (corporate and individual) is clear, your speakers are ready and the conversation flows in a productive, informative way - bringing the best out of every speaker. Our founder Louise Corbett has facilitated many panels for organisations and at large scale events and can provide that service if required - across any topic and for any industry. 
From large scale to small bespoke events, Exceptional Existence can help to make sure that your event is engaging, unique and most importantly, runs effortlessly. Our Founder, Louise Corbett has run large scale corporate events from the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens for AIG to weekend long international Women's Retreats. We believe that preparation and planning is crucial to a successful event and at Exceptional Existence, we make sure that your events are always remembered for years to come (for the right reasons). 
Hear from those who have worked with Louise...
"I signed up for 'Find your Voice' coaching sessions with Louise because I felt that I was ready to share more of myself and my work with the world. Knowing though that this would be a big step for me, and having experienced Louise speaking so naturally and passionately to her own audience, I felt that she would be the right person to guide be through this process. And I was right, Louise is a gem! While celebrating and pointing out my strengths to me, she equally gave me valuable feedback on the things which I could improve on an get better at so that I felt both, very much seen in the skills I already had but also gently encouraged to enhance in areas where there was room for improvement . And all the way through she’s been cheering me on with her big loving heart. I would recommend working with Louise to anyone who is looking for bringing their voice to the world and who would like a steady, loving and experienced person in public speaking such as Louise by her side. It’s so much more enjoyable than trying to do it all alone."
Corinne, Soul-based Coach & founder of raw & rich
"I have worked with Louise on ‘Finding My Voice’ for several interviews. She’s absolutely amazing! When I moved to Asia, I was told that I had to give presentations and speak at media events - things I absolutely hate doing. The first couple of events I did I felt were horrible. I consulted with Louise, and it was a game changer. She really helped me to focus on the key messages I needed to get across. My preparation for media events and speeches have radically since then. Louise helped me break down and simplify my messaging into neat digestible blocks. Now, I actually enjoy speaking at events and giving presentations! She is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her." 

David Ho - Head of Financial Lines - Asia at AIG
"Louise and I worked together to prepare for several interviews and speaking engagements. It was really amazing to see and learn how structuring her message and being really clear on ‘what success looks like’ can make such a difference. The training was fast but so effective and I now have skills that I will use for many years to come. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to better understand their brand and their message to take it forward to the market, customer, team, media and much more." 

Cynthia Sze - Head of Financial Lines at Hong Kong and Greater China, AIG 
"Just a quick note to say how happy I’ve been with Louise’s very straight forward, quick witted 'Find your voice' program. 

I started a fashion label 18 months ago and felt it was time to organise some bigger events to get the message out. However, despite having worked as a journalist for more than 20 years, I never felt quite comfortable talking about myself on stage. I had seen Louise in her previous position as a marketing executive, speaking on behalf of her blue chip company in front of a huge audience – so when she announced the start of her Find Your Voice Program, I knew I had found my master and hired her immediately. 

She started every session well prepared and showed incredible listening skills. Afterwards, she would always send me a prompt recap that showed a plan of what the next steps would be. She also included homework which I was to do at my own pace. After the second session I already felt ready to organise my overdue events – and I asked her if she would be available to be present as my interviewer on stage. Which is exactly what we did. Thanks so much lovely Louise! Its always a pleasure playing brain ping pong with you!" 

Lisa von Ortenberg, LvO Boutique/ Hong Kong
"I worked with Louise for over 5 years. Under her guidance, we significantly increased the exposure and awareness of our capabilities and products and our team solidified their message and voice; all skills that brought immense value to the team on many levels. Louise continuously suggested new and exciting ways for us to move the business forward and always managed to do so with a high, engaging and enthusiastic attitude." 

Jason Kelly - Head of International Financial Lines, AIG
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